Dancing on My Own

Posted on May 2, 2012


I was watching the new HBO show Girls (written and directed by Lena Dunham of Tiny Furniture and Delusional Downtown Divas), and Dancing on My Own by Swedish popstress Robyn played out in the last scene of one of the episodes. Swedish pop pretty much does it for me on all levels and since then this song has been bouncing around my head like a loose pinball.

Girls is just so gritty and real it’s unreal. I find myself covering my face while watching certain parts, compelled to say “No! Don’t do that!” out loud, which I suppose is the reaction Ms. Dunham was trying to elicit when she wrote the script. There’s been a lot of brouhaha on the interwebs about the lack of diversity in the cast. Personally, I don’t find the need to jump on the fuss-making bandwagon. When I watch a Nollywood film, I don’t complain about the lack of Swedish popstresses in the cast. Context is key. However, I haven’t decided whether or not I actually like the show. The writing is intriguing in the way it evokes pathos for young women from a young woman’s perspective.  It’s a curious show, this: sometimes weird in a good way (to me, the show recalls Curb Your Enthusiasm much more readily than all these cheap comparisons to Sex and the City) and sometimes weird in a bad way (the pace could do with a bit of picking up in parts, and perhaps the script could benefit from more writers, e.g. Tina Fey is primarily responsible for writing 30 Rock but the diversity of voices contributing to the writing keeps the story from being too one-note. I say this knowing that my TV writing credits begin and end at the signature on my TV’s warranty slip). Anyway, I’ll be interested to see Girls evolves over time.